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SB ARTFORM And New Art Movement: Pixelpointillsm

Welcome to SB Artform.com you will find here paintings done in a new art movement, Pixelpointillsm, (pixel pointillism) created by Svetlana Baklanova and recognized by leading art critics.

In 2005, Dr. Mikhail Yu. German, Head of Research at the StateRussianMuseum, says Baklanova has created a “new art movement of pixelpointillism.”

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Artists from the former Soviet Union are experiencing unprecedented success with art publishers, galleries, auction houses, and even museums.  According to industry experts, dealers who are serious about offering high-quality art to collectors should embrace the new Russian art movement."

Klint Callaghan, "Art Business News" contributing editor, July 2005



Pixelpointillism the New Art Movement

In 2002, Svetlana Baklavona introduced a new style of painting, using geometrical squares to form images and transform regular shapes in the dynamic fusion.

Inspiration behind Pixelpointillism Art Movement 

Pixelpointillism (pixel pointillism) is a stretched reflection of basic computer boundaries inside traditional art. It represents an uncommon blend of visual objects captured in the moment that can be uncovered by zooming in on the fluid particles of its existence.

Every object that we see is multi-granular, and suppresses in itself countless different elements that accentuate its existence. This gradation of elements can be imagined but cannot be seen; they can be uncovered by zooming into the moment. This would be a view of the computer from looking outside in to the human world if the computer had an essence of life. By zooming in on the structure, we are immersed in the unknown and distinctive world of elements. But, even these elements are representations of the vast cosmos of interrelated and dependent elements. I am, as one of the elements of human consciousness, introducing another probable version of our universe.

Dr. Mikhail German, Head of Research at the StateRussianMuseum, says Svetlana Baklanova has created a “new art movement of pixelpointillism.”  (pixel pointillism)

Dr. Mikhail German
(Guerman), 2004
Member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA)
Member of the LiberalArtsAcademy, ContemporaryArtDepartment, The StateRussianMuseum