Practice HORA Representative

Practice HORA Representative and Leading Specialist

Meet the leading specialist of the Evolutionary-Meditative Practice HORA in the U.S.A.― Svetlana Baklanova

Svetlana was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. She has been living in the U.S. for the past 15 years. In 2005 she was selected to participate in the HORA leadership training. Every 3 to 4 months, Svetlana travels back to Ukraine and Russia for continuous training. The first HORA class in the U.S. took place in Charlotte, North Carolina in July of 2006. Svetlana often travels to various U.S. cities to conduct intensive workshops.

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For workshop intensives, regular classes, private classes, and information about HORA in the U.S.A., please contact Svetlana. Current classes: Chicago, IL, Wheeling, IL and Charlotte, NC. 

 Practice HORA Womens Executive Program

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About Evolutionary-Meditative Practice HORA®

It is a method that allows one to awaken and constantly support youthfulness. Youth is lightness, feeling alive, vitality, and a clear mind. This will increase and extend productivity.

This practice correctly organizes the constant and increasing pressures on the skeletal system, rejuvenating and training it within the parameters of an individual's ideal posture.

  • This training does not use the mind but is instinctual
  • It is also a powerful breathing practice
  • It strengthens the cardiovascular system by engaging all the muscles of the body into working correctly thus taking the load off the heart

All of this is accompanied by the built-in active calmness technique. Thus two incompatible terms are combined: CALMNESS and ACTION.

Practice HORA presents a unique natural psycho-physical training exercise system when mind and body are naturally as one.  Through this practice YOU CAN ACHIEVE CORRECT CALMNESS THAT CAN NOT BE DESTROYED BY STRESS.

Our revitalization program brings back the executives, active individualts and owners to business life re-energized, revitalized, clear minded and balanced. Guaranteed!  This is the most effective, optimized, up-to-date method for individuals who value their time.

You may read testimonials from active individuals and business owners at our site

Practice HORA and Athletes

Emphasis on gaining super endurance that ensures success in sports.Professional athletes who practiced HORA have achieved the following:

  • Reached and retained maximum peak performance and endurance before a game or a performance
  • Overcame physical discomfort of all types of illnesses
  • Relieved spinal/back pain and strengthened muscles supporting the spine
  • Improved concentration, focus, and attention span
  • Attained total readiness stage in calm and centered mind-set
  • Expanded cardiovascular ability
  • Increased flexibility and power of the body


Pixelpointillism the New Art Movement

In 2002, Svetlana Baklavona introduced a new style of painting, using geometrical squares to form images and transform regular shapes in the dynamic fusion.

Inspiration behind Pixelpointillism Art Movement 

Pixelpointillism (pixel pointillism) is a stretched reflection of basic computer boundaries inside traditional art. It represents an uncommon blend of visual objects captured in the moment that can be uncovered by zooming in on the fluid particles of its existence.

Every object that we see is multi-granular, and suppresses in itself countless different elements that accentuate its existence. This gradation of elements can be imagined but cannot be seen; they can be uncovered by zooming into the moment. This would be a view of the computer from looking outside in to the human world if the computer had an essence of life. By zooming in on the structure, we are immersed in the unknown and distinctive world of elements. But, even these elements are representations of the vast cosmos of interrelated and dependent elements. I am, as one of the elements of human consciousness, introducing another probable version of our universe.

Dr. Mikhail German, Head of Research at the StateRussianMuseum, says Svetlana Baklanova has created a “new art movement of pixelpointillism.”  (pixel pointillism)

Dr. Mikhail German
(Guerman), 2004
Member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA)
Member of the LiberalArtsAcademy, ContemporaryArtDepartment, The StateRussianMuseum